Tom SheridanChief Executive Officer

Tom, who has over 35 years' experience in the investment community, has a history of successful innovation. Together with Justin Urquhart Stewart and the team below he founded Seven Investment Management (7IM).

Justin Urquhart StewartHead of Corporate Development

Justin is one of the most recognisable and trusted market commentators on television, radio, and in the press. In early 2001, he co-founded Seven Investment Management (7IM).

David CarrollHead of Asset Management

David has over 25 years' private client investment management experience and was responsible for establishing the relationship management team at 7IM.

Charles SparrowChief Financial Officer

Charles is a chartered accountant with over 25 years' experience and now leads the 7IM Finance, Compliance, Investment Risk, Legal and HR functions.

Hazel PatonChief Operating Officer

Hazel has over 30 years' experience in operations during which time she has implemented and managed a number of teams in Asset Management and Private Banking businesses and was responsible for system implementations and business migrations. 

Ros PriceChief Investment Strategist

Ros has over 35 years' experience of investment management with a variety of leading investment houses.

Wendy MagillHead of Marketing

Wendy has over 30 years' experience in Client Services, Marketing and Human Resources. She currently forms part of the Marketing Team but also has overall responsibility for Client Care within 7IM.

Chris DarbyshireChief Investment Officer

Chris is the Chief Investment Officer and joined the team in 2012.  With his background in research and derivatives he aims to broaden the team's research capability and quantitative skills, and also brings expertise in structured products.

Stewart SandersonHead of Relationship Management

Stewart joined 7IM from Coutts & Co to lead our Discretionary Investment Business. Stewart is responsible for the day to day management of the Relationship Management team.

Verona SmithHead of Platform

Verona joined the 7IM management team as Head of Platform in November 2013.  Verona leads our relationship management, sales and service platform offering.  

Robert PoultenHead of Sales

Robert is Head of Sales for 7IM, with whom he has worked since the early days. Robert leads the 7IM Regional Relationship Management team and is also responsible for product management.


Regional Relationship Management Team

Andrew DonaldRegional Relationship Manager

Andrew Donald is a Regional Relationship Manager responsible for the South East, East Midlands, London and Northern Ireland. He is qualified to Level 7 and is a Chartered Wealth Manager having completed the CISI Masters in Wealth Management in 2013.  Andrew is supported by Ross Lacey.

Mobile: 07525 910129

Ross LaceyRegional Relationship Support

Ross Lacey joined 7IM in January 2014 having previously worked at Transact. Ross holds the CISI Introduction to Securities & Investment and Unit 1 of the CFA Investment Management Certificate.

Direct Line: 020 3102 9881

Nick HeathRegional Relationship Support Manager

Nick Heath is a Regional Relationship Support Manager responsible for London. Nick has the CFA Investment Management Certificate, the Securities and Investment Institute Introduction to Investments, FSA Regulatory Environment and OEIC Administration qualifications.

Direct Line: 020 7760 8781

Robert HardyRegional Relationship Manager

Robert Hardy is a Regional Relationship Manager responsible for the Midlands, Wales, South and South West England. He has the CII Diploma in Financial Planning and the UKSIP Investment Management Certificate. Robert is supported by Jamie Evans.

Mobile: 07811 142328

Jamie EvansRegional Relationship Support

Jamie Evans joined 7IM in September 2010 as a Regional Relationship Support. Jamie is currently studying for the Investment Management Certificate.

Direct Line: 020 7760 8822

Tim Coverdale Regional Relationship Manager

Tim Coverdale is a Regional Relationship Manager responsible for the North East of England. Tim holds the CII Financial Planning Certificate together with a number of modules from the Advanced Diploma. Tim is supported by Michael Fajardo.

Mobile: 07545 208112

Michael FajardoRegional Relationship Support

Michael Fajardo is Regional Relationship Support who joined 7IM in August 2013 from Scottish Widows Investment Partnership. Michael is currently studying for the Investment Management Certificate.

Mobile:   020 3102 9863

Graeme BowdenRegional Relationship Manager

Graeme Bowden is a Regional Relationship Manager responsible for Scotland. Graeme has the CFA Investment Management Certificate Unit 1 together with the Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma in Financial Planning. Graeme is supported by Peter Crews.

Mobile: 07872 033514

Peter CrewsRegional Relationship Support

Peter Crews is Regional Relationship Support and joined 7IM in October 2009. Peter holds the Financial Planning Certificate from the CII, the SII Securities Certificate and the CFA Investment Management Certificate.

Direct Line: 020 7760 8794

Andrew NaylorRegional Relationship Manager

Andrew Naylor is a Regional Relationship Manager for the North West and West Midlands. Andrew is a Chartered Member of the Institute for Securities and Investment as well as holding the IMC. Andrew is supported by Tom Cole.

Phone: 07808 761612

Tom ColeRegional Relationship Support

Tom Cole is Regional Relationship Support who joined the team in May 2011. Tom previously worked at Franklin Templeton in a similar role working with their Advisory clients. Tom holds his IMC qualification and supports Andrew Naylor.

Phone: 020 7760 8835




Tom Sheridan
Chief Executive Officer

Justin Urquhart Stewart
Head of Corporate Development

David Carroll
Head of Asset Management

Charles Sparrow
Chief Financial Officer

Hazel Paton
Chief Operating Officer

Ros Price
Chief Investment Strategist

Wendy Magill
Head of Marketing

Chris Darbyshire
Chief Investment Officer

Stewart Sanderson
Head of Relationship Management

Verona Smith
Head of Platform

Robert Poulten
Head of Sales


Regional Relationship Management Team

Andrew Donald
Regional Relationship Manager

Ross Lacey
Regional Relationship Support

Nick Heath
Regional Relationship Support Manager

Robert Hardy
Regional Relationship Manager

Jamie Evans
Regional Relationship Support

Tim Coverdale
Regional Relationship Manager

Michael Fajardo
Regional Relationship Support

Graeme Bowden
Regional Relationship Manager

Peter Crews
Regional Relationship Support

Andrew Naylor
Regional Relationship Manager

Tom Cole
Regional Relationship Support


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